The Excellence in Media Award (Angel Award TM) was given to the book Mended by God; The Tony Pack Story. Accepting the 2009 Silver Angel honor was the book's author, Don Smarto.

This is the author's ninth book, and his first book to receive an Excellence in Media Award. The award is reviewed by an expert panel of judges representing The National Association of Broadcasters, American Women in Radio & Television, The Greater Los Angeles Press Club, and The National Association of Family & Community Education.

The Excellence in Media Award, established in 1980 by Mary Dorr, recognizes family values and quality in motion pictures, television, radio, and print. Entries were received from across America and many foreign countries and awarded for "the highest moral, ethical, and social impact" according to the EIM staff.

In a statement to author Don Smarto, the Excellence in Media staff wrote "We applaud you for your excellent book Mended by God; The Tony Pack Story and your outstanding contribution to the field of communication. We are pleased to present you with the Excellence in Media Award. You truly bring excellence to media!"

Robert Abernathy of NBC News received a lifetime achievement Angel Award and awards were given to the motion pictures Wall-E, and Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. Past Angel Award winners have included Bill Cosby, George Burns, Tom Hanks, Roy Rogers, Michael Caine, Steve Martin, Donna Douglas, and Art Linkletter.

The EMI staff said of the 2009 winners, "Thank you for contributing to the advancement of quality in life without the unnecessary need for violence, profanity, and sexual content to sell to your audience."

In a phone call from Hollywood February 13th, an EMI staff member said to Mr. Smarto, "Your book Mended by God is the type of media that raises our spirits and contributes to the meaningful and enlightening examination of our lives. Congratulations!"

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